30 miles. Who's in?


Remember during the summer and fall when I was running 60+ miles a month?  And I was in some of the best shape of my life?  And I felt good about my strong, healthy body?  Well, somewhere around October, I stopped running.  I have continued working out and running here and there but my running body is long gone.
I am recommitting to running starting in March.  I am committing to 30 miles during the month of March.  It's certainly not anywhere near the goals that I was setting and achieving this fall but it's a start.  I started with 3 miles the other day and, honestly, it was no walk in the park.  (read that as, it was sort of miserable).
So, 30 miles in March.  Who's with me?  Let's keep each other accountable. Let's run!

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Don't be annoying


People that annoy me:

- people who are late.  Your time is not more valuable than mine.  We all have stuff going on.  Be an adult and learn how to manage your time better. 

- the price of a good hair cut/color.  Why do hairstylists get paid $75/hour?  It's a one year program in a non-stressful, non-dangerous, flexible, social environment.  Why does it cost $150 for cut/highlights?!

- people who publically bitch about their spouse all the time- bonus annoying points if you do it regularly on facebook.  If your spouse is such a loser and you're married to him, who is the real loser? **bitching to your besties is totally different and always ok**

- slowing metabolisms.  Why is it so hard to stay the same weight I was 3/5/7  years ago?

- daily selfies.  We know what you look like. 

- people who are annoyed all the time..  Ugh, it's so annoying when people ask us when we're having another baby.  Ugh, it's so annoying when people complain about the cold.  Ugh, it's so annoying when people drive slow in the rain.  Ugh, it's so annoying when... We get it.  You're easily annoyed.  Noted.

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Next weeks inspiration


My plans for next week thanks to pinterest inspiration...
Recipe to try: Vietnamese Pho soup
Art project with the kids: Leprechaun handprint art
Fitness Motivation: REPEAT!
Piece to find (make??) for the living room: Blanket ladder
I hope you have a relaxing, family filled weekend.  My husband is working all weekend so I will be having a friends weekend.  Soak in those hubby moments for me!
What are your goals for next week?

The most exciting part of February


If you have an instagram, facebook, or twitter account then it is no surprise to you that it is super snowy and cold on the east coast today.  We got 6 ish inches last night.  The bigger bummer than getting a bunch of snow is that it is also colder than a witches teat so it's not even fun to go outside and play in it.  It barely hit 10 degrees by noon. 

Since there is no chance that I am driving today, I did the Jillian Michaels Turbo Box video (available free on Youtube).  I haven't done it in a few months and I had forgotten how challenging it is.  I had both kids punching and kicking along with me in the living room.  It warmed my frozen little heart to get sweating with my kids and to continue to model an active lifestyle for them.

As we're stretching after the video, I had a revelation about the most exciting part of February...

February is the month that when you're stretching on the floor, you're able to find a 4 month old stripe of hair down the back of your leg that's been hiding since November.

Off to take a shower!  I hope you're staying warm and keeping active today!

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And nothing else matters


After what will go down as the best Valentines day ever, it's Monday again.  It's like negative a million degrees outside, we're expecting 8 inches of snow tonight, Nate dumped a bottle of vitamin e oil on my brand new Restoration Hardware couch, and the kids have a serious case of cabin fever.

But then I just look down and none of it matters anymore.
 photo 16BBA44E-E78B-41E1-84FF-7DCED09844D6_zpssookhhda.jpg
Happy Monday.

Is there such thing as Thankful Thursday?


Today is Thankful Thursday.  Is that a thing?  Like "throwback Thursday" or "Margarita Monday"?  Maybe not but let's go with it anyways.

* My Eva.  My best friend.  My little mini-me.  My smart cookie.  My side kick forever.
* Nate.  My boy baby who brings laughter and pure boy energy into every room he walks in to.  He is all boy- just like his Daddy.

* This stage of life.  Babies, settled lives, a little moolah, travel,  a sense of self worth.  Hey, you twenty somethings: it gets better.  I promise.

* Girlfriends.  I have a list of four girls that I could almost tell you what color underwear they wore yesterday- that's how much we talk....  I like that.

* Sisters.  See that list above?  Add three more.  And their families are all strong, growing, and healthy.  My Mom would be so proud of us.

* Hair appointments.  I am getting my hair done tonight.  Right now I look half homeless and have a bale of brown straw sitting on top of my head.  By tonight, I will have soft, golden locks.  Enough said. 

* Everything else.  Everything else is good right now.  Good.  Easy.  Happy.  Not stressful.  Ever improving.   
Let's focus on the good.  I am lucky/ thankful/ grateful/ blessed and so are you.  What are you thankful for today? 

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On sliding into roles


We had frozen rain again last night which means NO SCHOOL for Eva... Again.  The rationale for closing schools when it's super cold is that the roads are icy and therefore too dangerous to drive.  I don't mind, really.  I would definitely like for her to be in school but I am a wuss about driving in inclemate weather.  A total wuss.  I stay indoors at pretty much any hint of snow, ice or frozen rain.  Side note: I am also scared to drive at night. 

It's amazing how being married allows you to turn into a total baby.  I am not comfortable driving at night because I never have to drive at night.  It's that simple; because I don't drive at night ever,  I am scared to do it. 

I also don't know how to use a tool, take out the trash, change a light bulb, fix/change/install/purchase any sort of electronics, or make any decisions regarding our vehicles at all.

On the other hand, I don't think my husband knows how to start the laundry machine, scrub a toilet, make a bed, make a social plan with friends, pick out matching clothes for the kids, or purchase/ make any decisions about the kids.

I guess that's just part of marriage?  You divide and conquer?  Figure out each others strengths and weaknesses and then slide into these roles? 

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