Staying on track


This meme is so true.  It is so flipping hard to stay in a routine.  It is also so flipping hard to get back on the treadmill after taking 4 days off. 

I got a couple good runs in this week but I literally could not force myself to get on the treadmill yesterday.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not muster the motivation to get up and work out. 

I am not behind on my monthly goal of 30 miles but I am slacking.  I wish I had gotten one more run in this past week but I didn't.  I have been trying to increase distance and also get faster so during each run, I am trying to do some sprints and also slow down and get some distance in.
Alright, I need to go.  I am jumping on my treadmill for the first time this week!

How did your fitness goals go this past week?

Thankful- ish


Happy first day of spring! Or, as we call it in the mid- Atlantic region, "yet another snow day".
{right now}

I am feeling especially grateful this morning. 

With every fight I break up and whining session I have to endure, I am reminded that my kids are healthy and strong and growing into their own personalities.

With every snow day spent indoors, I am reminded that I have a great, warm house filled with toys for the kids to keep busy with and more than enough room for them to run and play.

With every sandwich that Kingston steals off the counter or off my kids plates, I am reminded that we have a safe family dog who is part of the family and has his quirks like the rest of us do.

With every day that my husband spends tinkering in the garage, I am reminded that he is teaching our kids and enjoying himself along the way.

With every trip to the grocery store in the middle of snow storms and with kids in tow, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be able to provide my family with a stocked fridge and healthy meals.

With every weekend that I will spend alone while my husband is working, I am reminded how hard he works for our family and how thankful I am to be afforded the opportunity to stay at home with our children.

What about you?  What are you thankful for this weekend?

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Racking up the miles


It's Wednesday!  How's your week in fitness been?  I have been pretty good.  I got three runs in this week.  It is starting to become "habit" to run downstairs.  I have been working a ton and not able to make it into the gym but my treadmill downstairs is starting to become part of my routine.
I am caught up for my "30 miles in 30 days" challenge.  I am at a total of 17.5 miles so far for this month.  How many miles have you logged this month?  You should be at 17 at this point to make it to 30 this month.  Are you close?

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And now he's two


My sweet Nate turned two yesterday.  It feels like it went by in the blink of an eye but then on the other hand, I can barely remember life without him.
I had such a complicated pregnancy and then scary 31 week pre-term labor and hospitalization, it's amazing to look at my perfect little two year old man.  He is so sweet and silly.  He is all boy.  He likes cars, trains, playing sword fights, throwing everything, and annoying his big sister. 
If I could stop time here, I would.  I know I can't, but I would.  He's sweet and goofy.  He is cuddly yet independent.  My sweet baby is two.  I can't believe it.

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A week of running


Well, today is accountability day.  How did your exercising go this past week?  I am trying to complete 30 miles this month which means that on any particular day, I want to have run that same amount of miles (example, as of yesterday the 10th, I should have run 10 miles to be caught up).  I got in three runs this past week.
My total for the month so far is 9.5 miles.  I am planning on getting a couple miles in today.  My schedule has been crazy and I have been unable to get into the gym, however, I have been getting better about getting my butt downstairs and onto my treadmill in the basement. 

I have also been eating cleaner this week- except, of course, the amazing potato donut that my husband brought me yesterday.  I just made one of my famous (ok, ok, famous only in my mind) veggie soups that I can enjoy guilt free over the next couple rainy days.

How did your exercise and eating plan go this past week?  Are you feeling good or feeling guilty?

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A little here and a little there


What a weekend.  My husband worked all weekend again and I have been working almost every day so I am entering into this new week feeling depleted.  I feel so blessed and lucky for this life that I live but sometimes it is just a lot.  When I try to think about what I could do to refresh myself, it's not going to the spa, or a weekend away, or time apart from my kids (although all of those things would be great too), it is time for the gym.  I hate that I can't get it together long enough to get to the gym because of my other commitments but I am happy I am making some money and I am thankful my kids are thriving in every way.

What I am....

Drinking: A latte.  We bought a new latte machine a few weeks ago after our other one died a LONG time back.  How did I live without a latte machine?  Espresso with a dash of milk and a squirt (gross word) of caramel flavoring is so much better than coffee with caramel creamer.  

Watching: The First 48.  I am obsessed.  It is definitely my favorite non Bravo show and because I found it so recently, there are DAYS of old episodes for me to watch.  Score.

Wishing: Nate would just potty train himself.  I bought a little potty and he's used it a few times but he's neither of us is motivated enough to make it really work at this point.

Anxious about: Upcoming life changes.  My husband put in for a couple officer programs and while I am hoping he gets chosen, they all mean big changes and stressful transitions.

Dreaming of: An interior decorator and a million bucks.  I wish someone would come decorate my house for me for free.  I hate decorating and I am not good at it and I am cheap.  Not a good mix.

Looking forward to: Next week when my husband goes back to the day shift so we see him a little more than a few minutes here and there.

Proud of: Myself.  I have kept it together pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.  We really have seen very little of him this month and I have still worked, kept the house cleaned, kept up on social outings, been a Mom, exercised, and handled all of the rest that life has thrown at us.  I am certainly not perfect but I am holding it together.

Wanting to buy: Nothing until I get a little more jiggle out of my wiggle.

Let's rock this week!  I have a date with my treadmill after I drop Eva off at school this afternoon and a play date with friends at the park after I pick her up.  Cheers to a busy but successful week.

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A snowpocalypse date


Yesterday we had a snow day AGAIN here in Maryland.  We got  8 inches or so throughout the day and into the evening.  We had an opportunity for our babysitter to come over for the afternoon and when you get an opportunity to get away from your kids with your husband, it doesn't matter that there's a snowpocalypse going on outside, you GO!
Most of the city was shut down due to the snow but he found one place that was open: the gun range.  We went shooting.  My husband has been trying to decide what gun to buy so he took me to learn about gun safety and to try a couple different guns.

I learned something about myself.  I am not into guns.  I am shocked.  I have never been shooting but I support gun rights and always just assumed that I would be a good shot (because duh, I am good at everything) and enjoy shooting.
I was scared shitless.  I hated shooting.  My anxiety level was at 100.  With every shot of the gun, my body shook with fear.  I hated it.  Weird.
After driving around trying to find a restaurant that was open in the storm, we finally found one and enjoyed a kid free meal together.  I am really trying to do dates with my husband more than twice a year (which is about how often it seems to happen).

Wherever you are this weekend, I hope you get a chance to have special time with your loved ones. 

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