Share your positivity w me today


I am feeling stressed this morning.  I have a lot going on and my husband is about to start shift work (days and night rotating 12 hour shifts).  So in response to my bad feelings this morning, tell me one thing that you feel overwhelmingly thankful for this morning. 

Here's mine: I am immensely thankful for my mornings with my kids. They're almost always happy and easy in the morning and play contentedly while I sip my coffee and catch up on my top favorite recorded show that I have on  my DVR.  Mornings in my house are easy and sweet.

So, what are you thankful today?

Happy Tuesday


.This may be the view from my front porch this morning (only ~2inches) but...
My house is clean, my kids are ready for the day, my laundry is done, I put actual jeans on, my coffee kicked in, and we got little enough snow that I am not snowed in and I can keep my mall date for this afternoon.
I do realize how basic bitch that last sentence is.  I can't help it.  My life is 87% basic bitch.
Happy Tuesday, ladies.  Let's do this.

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Why military wives have a right to complain


Yesterday I had a major case of the winter blues.  We got about three inches of snow in the afternoon, my kids were bored and cranky, my plans all had to be cancelled, and it took a couple hours for this warm weather loving, Southern California native to pull it together and remember to be grateful for my life instead of grumpy about my circumstances.

I started thinking about the saying, "Never complain about things that you cannot change". 

That's supposed to be our military wife mantra, right?  You don't like where you're stationed?  Don't complain.  You can't change it.  You don't like that you're husband is deploying or being shipped off TDY or something?  Don't complain.  You cant change it.  You don't like moving every couple years?  Don't complain.  You can't change it.  You don't like the 12 hour days, the cost your family pays, the loneliness, the constant change, the lack of security?  Don't complain.  You can't change it.

Why isn't the saying, "You can occasionally complain about the things you cannot change.  Don't complain about the things you can change unless you're being proactive in making those changes".

I believe, as military wives, we DO have a right to complain occasionally.  We have no control over our lives and that leads us to be stuck in situations that we don't like sometimes.  That situation might be where we live, how far we are from family, the lifestyle that the current command provides, etc.  We don't get a say in most aspects of our lives because we are choosing to stay married to someone who has dedicated their life to serving the country. 

So, fellow military wives, I implore you to support and encourage each other in a complaint every once in a while.  We're usually not able to change our circumstances.  Sometimes we just need to whine a little. 

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 photo 893B5EBE-2C9C-4384-91A7-C59DC3972330_zpsmbaqcgzs.jpg

Drinking: A can of Rockstar lemonade

Eating: Nothing. We had friends over and I cheated on my diet this weekend so I'm back on the starvation wagon.   

Watching: The new Christina Milian reality show on E.  Those girls be cray.

Thinking: What a lazy day I'm having. And how hard dieting is. And how good those cookies in my kitchen look.  And how I need a shower.  And how I better get some stuff done before my hubs comes home from work and sees what a bum I've been all day. 

Wanting to buy: A new purse. I have been saving and I think it's time for an upgrade. This Momma needs a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. Ok, ok, I guess no one NEEDS a LV but it's time. 

Dreaming about: Summer. Warmth. Dresses. Sunshine.  Flip flops. Bikinis. Being outside. 

Thankful for: My little family. My sweet boy is seriously the most precious little man that has ever graced the planet. Eva is my best little friend and I love her to pieces. And my husband? I don't publicly gush over him (ever) but we have a great little family going on over here. 

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When grief invades


{angel of grief}
I have been happy lately.  Like tingly belly, silly smirk, peace in my soul type of happy.  Not for any particular reason.  There is nothing new going on.  I just feel content and peaceful and joyful.

I had a great, easy morning with the kids.  Eva and her little friend were in the living room singing on the karaoke machine and twirling in circles.  They both put on sparkly, glittery princess dresses and were dancing and giggling while Nate worked quietly on taking apart his dump truck toy in the corner.  The moment was perfect.

But grief is a funny thing.

In the most perfect of moments, it invades.  In an instant, it sneaks in and overwhelms the soul.

I was scrolling through facebook and an article popped up.  It is titled, "By 2050 no one under 80 will be dying from cancer, study says - Telegraph".  I read the title, thought about my Mom dying from cancer and how tragically unfair and awful it was, and just lost it.  In the midst of that perfect moment of joy in my living room, I started silently sobbing. 

The pain of grief does dull but it certainly does not go away.  It pops up in the most unexpected moments and completely takes over everything. 


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...And how wonderfully imperfect it is...

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On being hungry and sober.


Alright, alright.  I never wrote anything about goals and resolutions for 2015.  I was too busy on vacation soaking up the sunshine.

So, let's get to it.  New Year, New Me!



I don't do that shiite.

Like always, I want to continue to try to be healthy and keep my body strong, be a good mom and raise happy, healthy kids, keep my little family together, eat more organic food and less fake, chemical laden crap, make more genuine friendships, continue to find streams of money that allow me to buy "extras", etc.  These are the goals I have all year long- not just in January's.  They are the laws that rule my life. 

So, blah, blah, blah, I don't really make resolutions.

BUT, since I stopped running 60 miles a month back in October, I haven't worked out.  At all.  Then Thanksgiving came, then Christmas break, then the California trip, and New Years- all the while I was eating crap and drinking too much.  I have gained a legit 10 pounds over my "set" weight.  Not my skinny, running 60 miles a month weight but my normal, not trying that hard weight.  I weigh more today than I ever have without a little peanut in my belly.

So, while I am not making a resolution, I am not going to keep these extra pounds on this year so the day after we got back from California, I started a DIET.  Yes, a dreaded diet.  No bread (pasta, bread products- white or wheat, rice, etc), dairy, sugar, or alcohol.  I am a lifelong vegetarian so no meat either.  I am adding fake crab meat because I can stomach it and I know I need some more protein since I am cutting out the dairy.

I don't want to gloss over the fact that I said no alcohol.  Let that sink in.  No alcohol.

Ok, moving on.  So, I am hungry.  Very, very hungry.  I am on day 5 and I have been successful.  No cheating at all.  Except a bit of creamer in my coffee in the morning.  I can't give it up and I need it.  I am not drinking full on latte's but I need some coffee in the morning.

I want to get through January on this plan.  It's only 3 weeks of dieting.  I should be able to make it.  I am not making a full on promise to make it 3 weeks because it is so restrictive but I am going to try.  Depending on how easily the 10 pounds come off, I might add in some dairy next week.

I am down two pounds in five days, so far.  I am not putting too much stock in that because my weight fluctuated two or three pounds a day depending on water weight but no matter what, I am on the right track.

Is anyone else starting the new year off with a crazy diet? 

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