Take your PSLs and shove them


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Last week, I took the kids to an awesome pool at a local gym.  They swam and splashed for hours. They blew bubbles in the water, dove for fishies, and played under the mushroom waterfall until their cheeks were pink and tired from smiling all day.

It was a perfect afternoon.

But, I couldn't help but be sad. Sad that summer is coming to an end.

I'm not ready. I hate the cold.  We've been here on the East Coast almost three years now and I still hate the cold. I hate it.

I could literally cry thinking about winter coming. Not like, "Oh, I could totally cry! But not really."  I mean I could literally cry thinking south the impending doom that is the arctic cold of Maryland for 6 months out of the year.

It's still warm here (thank Santa) but I feel the change coming. With every stupid, stupid, stupid pumpkin spice everything post on Instagram, Facebook and pinterest, I feel the doom coming.  Every fashion post featuring oversized sweaters, tall leather boots, and stifling scarfs serves to remind me of the frozen hell that's on the way.

I wish I could just push the pause button and keep summer around forever.

A runner post


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Ain't that the truth.

I've been running.  Not every run has been a good one and not every day has been a good day but I have kept it up.  I completed my August goal of 60 miles.
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Yesterday, I buckled both kids into the Phil & Ted's double stroller and pushed 58 pounds of kids plus almost 30 pounds of stoller for 5 hard miles outdoors in 84 degree heat and east coast humidity to push myself over the 60 mile goal.  That's more than 75% of my body weight that I pushed along that trail.  I'm never sore after my runs... Today I'm sore.
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I did realize that an official half marathon is not going to happen.  Due to my husbands schedule, he has not been doing any long runs and the other friend that was going to do it with me hasn't either.  I'm not going to pay all that money and make my kids wake up early to go do it alone.  It seems so self-indulgent and self-congratulatory to make such a big deal about running.  My bestie from home had a good idea though.  She said to map out the run outdoors and then do a virtual half-marathon run. I don't know.
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I run because I'm stressed.  I run because I'm anxious.   I run because I need a break from my kids.  I run because I'm bored.  I run because I want a break from my kid's voices. I run so I can visit with my Tuesday morning running group.  I run so I can eat cookies and Cheez-Its with impunity.

Why do you workout?

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Way behind the times


You know that person in life who's like, "I totally bought the cutest high/low mullet dress yesterday!" or "You should totally try this new thing called almond butter- it's the best!" or "We just got this thing called Netflix. Have you ever heard of it?".  Or "I wish there was a watch that had GPS and could track your runs outdoors and monitor heart rate and calories burned".

That's how I feel right now. 

I picked up a new book to read. It's been... Let's just say it's been a while. 

I grabbed 
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I know I am WAY behind all of the cool kids but give me a break. I've been too busy shrinking my butt to worry about growing my brain.  Priorities, people.  And I'm not sure that "Gone Girl" will grow my brain, for that matter, anyways. 

Body healthy- check
Mind healthy- working on it

Have you read a good book lately?

Your future looks like a hotdog


Life is still crazy. My husband is still in Chief induction hell and this solo parenting gig is for the birds. Single parents do not get enough credit. My computer is still down so blogging is just not happening still BUT as I was going through deleting pictures off my phone I came across this gem and had to share it.

I spent last weekend out of town at the besties house with the kids. We packed up all the kids and took them to a little po-dunk 4-H fair down the way where I accidentally snapped this shot.
 photo image_zps86fdf71b.jpg
This 650 pound pig has no idea that his future looks like that little sandwich there in her hand. Poor guy. 

Ps- yes, I'm a life-long vegetarian and, yes, I feed my kids hotdogs.  What can I say? They like them. 

I pinky promise I'm going to remind my husband to finish fixing my computer on Sunday during his (hopefully) couple spare hours.  He replaced the hard drive but still needs to download the re-store operating system.

Cheers to a good weekend full of sunshine, friends and family, and laughter.

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Be still in gratitude


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Today I have a heart of gratitude. My children are healthy, my body is strong, my husband is fulfilling his dreams, my house is safe, and my butt isn't saggy and wrinkles aren't too bad yet. 

My life is certainly not perfect and I struggle daily but I know how lucky I am to have what I have and be where I am. 

I have problems but I am blessed beyond measure. 

I work hard AND I am lucky.  

I am grateful. 

What are you thankful for today?

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There's a whole lot that I don't get


I don't get it...

Long nails.  No. Gross. Yuck. If I'm talking to you and I look down to see long nails, even if they are perfectly manicured (and let's be honest, they probably aren't), all I can think of is how much poop, bacteria, dead skin cells, gunk, and boogers are hanging out in there. This might be because I've lived in the land of poopy diapers 24 hours a day for the past 4 years but still. Yuck. Poop. Nails. Gunk. Gross. 

Penises. My son is obsessed with his penis. It is his favorite toy, his constant companion, and his comfort item when he puts himself to sleep. He has to hold it. He shimmies his hand down his diaper and holds onto his little buddy. The uninteded consequence of this special relationship is that he pees out of his diaper and onto his clothes/sheets EVERY SINGLE SLEEP.  I will never understand the male weiner love.  

Hashtags for your kids. You know what I'm talking about- "Here's Penelope playing at the park #penelopeanne". Whhhyyyyy?!  Why hashtag your kids name? Who do you think is going back on Instagram to look at all the pics of your kid? No one, right? Hash tagging your kids name also seems to go along with the, also unnecessary, posting multiple pics a day of your kid. Yes, your kids are cute but multiple pics a day is highly unnecessary. If Mom wants more pics if the kids, let me remind you of this thing called "text message" on your phone. 

Commercials.  Does anyone watch live TV anymore?  Doesn't everyone have a DVR?  I watch ZERO live tv.  None. Ever. I don't see any commercials.  Do people still see commercials? 

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Still trudging along


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So remember my last fitness check in post I mentioned that I needed new running shoes and everyone recommended that I pony up the money and go to a running store to get fitted and get some decent shoes... Well, I didn't take that advice. I'm cheap frugal.  I went to Marshall's and not only bought my running shoes at a discount store but I chose the ones on clearance ($31). What can I say? I have the frugal gene and i just can't help it.  I got New Balance Running 861's and so far, so good.  I'm having a bit more shin and knee pain than before but I'm running a lot more often and a lot further each run so who knows.

 photo imagejpg1_zps5c577006.jpg
My goal of 60 miles in August has started off well. I am continuing to do my "long run" on Mondays and then running a couple other days a week.
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This run, last week was great. I did 8 miles in 77 minutes. I felt strong and good. I was motivated and got the endorphins flowing early in the run.

 photo imagejpg3_zps4ea388fb.jpg
This was my run this Monday. I did 10 miles for the first time in my life but before you congratulate me, I did walk in between some of the miles and the total time was 111 minutes (11 minute/mile average). The truth is, I wasn't that tired or sore or out of breath... I was bored and unmotivated. I was tired from life and unmotivated to work hard. When I woke up the next day after my 8 miler last week, my muscles were sore. When I woke up on Tuesday after this 10 miler, I was a little stiff but my muscles weren't sore. Clearly, despite the increase in distance, I didn't work as hard.

I'm working. I'm feeling stronger. I'm putting in the effort most days. I'm proud of the gains that I've made. My body hasn't changed much on the outside but to be honest, with my husband being gone and being a solo parent, I have made zero effort in eating clean. Chocolate, carbs, and wine are helping me get through these long days.

How's your fitness plan going?
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