Making My Mommy Dreams Come True- Horse back riding


{me with my first horse, Esprit}
I have ridden horses for my whole life.  I started at 4 years old and have continued throughout my entire life.  I have taken a few years off here or there but it is a hobby that I have maintained with regularity for the entirety of my thirty(ish) years.

Since Eva turned four, I have been waiting for the right opportunity to get her started.  I didn't want to get her started last fall as we were entering into winter and obviously the snowy Maryland winters are not suitable for a four year old to spend hours outside in.  I maintain a pretty crazy schedule between work, my husband always being gone, and chasing after my kids and I was waiting for the right time to start this intense hobby lifestyle.

That time has come.

Welcome Miss Penny Pony, Eva's first horse. 
She is a red roan, sound, lesson soured, POA pony.  This is the sweet girl that my Eva is going to learn to groom, walk, ride, and develop her horsey love into a full blown obsession. 
I pretty much turned into this at the tack store when we were buying her first pair of paddock boots and breeches.

I am watching my Mommy dreams come true.  My daughter is starting her love of horses.  MY DAUGHTER IS STARTING TO RIDE!  Pinch me. 

Seriously, pinch me.

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champagne and fire


{our monogramed champagne glasses from our wedding}

My husband and I sat around our fire pit last night and shared a bottle of champagne while we discussed where we are in life right now.  I was completely consumed with gratitude and an overwhelming sense of contentedness.  I have everything that I need.  I have everything that I want.   

I am so grateful for this life that I have.  When I look around, I know that this is exactly what it is supposed to be.

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How to make a firepit in your backyard


We are weekend warriors.  And, by "we", I mean my husband.  I am an assistant.  The kind of assistant who'll run beers outside every hour or so while drinking wine indoors.

On Thursday night I showed my husband a home made fire-pit on pinterest.  After trying to explain pinterest to him for a half hour, he finally shut me up by deciding to just build me the pit in the back yard.

We chose a corner of our lot that is close to our deck and gets very little sun so the grass doesn't grow well- even in the summer months.  The total area of the fire-pit is about 18'x18'.
We purchased the fire-pit stones from Lowes.  We chose to purchase them individually instead of the ready made kit because we saved $100 and got the exact stones from the kit except that we added one extra layer making just a bit taller.
We bought the barrier to go under the rock and the surrounding river rock from our local rock plant.  We chose to do a neutral tan color since we recently re-surfaced our deck in a sand color.
 And, ta da!
Total cost of the project: $258
Fire pit stones $100
Surrounding river rock $92
Barrier: $36
Edging (this one) : $30
Now we have the perfect area for summer smores parties and glasses of cabernet by the fire.

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Staying on track


This meme is so true.  It is so flipping hard to stay in a routine.  It is also so flipping hard to get back on the treadmill after taking 4 days off. 

I got a couple good runs in this week but I literally could not force myself to get on the treadmill yesterday.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not muster the motivation to get up and work out. 

I am not behind on my monthly goal of 30 miles but I am slacking.  I wish I had gotten one more run in this past week but I didn't.  I have been trying to increase distance and also get faster so during each run, I am trying to do some sprints and also slow down and get some distance in.
Alright, I need to go.  I am jumping on my treadmill for the first time this week!

How did your fitness goals go this past week?

Thankful- ish


Happy first day of spring! Or, as we call it in the mid- Atlantic region, "yet another snow day".
{right now}

I am feeling especially grateful this morning. 

With every fight I break up and whining session I have to endure, I am reminded that my kids are healthy and strong and growing into their own personalities.

With every snow day spent indoors, I am reminded that I have a great, warm house filled with toys for the kids to keep busy with and more than enough room for them to run and play.

With every sandwich that Kingston steals off the counter or off my kids plates, I am reminded that we have a safe family dog who is part of the family and has his quirks like the rest of us do.

With every day that my husband spends tinkering in the garage, I am reminded that he is teaching our kids and enjoying himself along the way.

With every trip to the grocery store in the middle of snow storms and with kids in tow, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be able to provide my family with a stocked fridge and healthy meals.

With every weekend that I will spend alone while my husband is working, I am reminded how hard he works for our family and how thankful I am to be afforded the opportunity to stay at home with our children.

What about you?  What are you thankful for this weekend?

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Racking up the miles


It's Wednesday!  How's your week in fitness been?  I have been pretty good.  I got three runs in this week.  It is starting to become "habit" to run downstairs.  I have been working a ton and not able to make it into the gym but my treadmill downstairs is starting to become part of my routine.
I am caught up for my "30 miles in 30 days" challenge.  I am at a total of 17.5 miles so far for this month.  How many miles have you logged this month?  You should be at 17 at this point to make it to 30 this month.  Are you close?

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And now he's two


My sweet Nate turned two yesterday.  It feels like it went by in the blink of an eye but then on the other hand, I can barely remember life without him.
I had such a complicated pregnancy and then scary 31 week pre-term labor and hospitalization, it's amazing to look at my perfect little two year old man.  He is so sweet and silly.  He is all boy.  He likes cars, trains, playing sword fights, throwing everything, and annoying his big sister. 
If I could stop time here, I would.  I know I can't, but I would.  He's sweet and goofy.  He is cuddly yet independent.  My sweet baby is two.  I can't believe it.

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