Support Wounded Warrior Project through grocery shopping


As a active duty military family, supporting the Wounded Warrior Project is important to us.  Like so many families across the country, we've seen the struggles that men and women face when they come home from supporting our country.  The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a non-profit organization that helps soldiers with the issues that they are facing with mental concerns and adjustments, body rehabilitation and health, economic empowerment, and engagement (connectivity) with peers.

Believe in Heroes is a program that brings grocery retailers, trusted brands, and shoppers together to raise funds for WWP.  In the five years that Believe in Heroes has been established, the program has raised $16 million for WWP and helped to fund direct assistance for over 40,000 injured service members.

How can you help?  Until Veterans Day, November 11, click here to reach a coupon portal where you will find coupon offers for many of your favorite retailers and trusted brands (coupons available through 11/30/14).  You will receive great savings on trusted brands WHILE helping raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The link to find the coupons that will raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project through the Believe in Heroes program is here

You can get involved in the Believe in Heroes campaign by downloading over $25 in coupons here and sharing on your social media sites to bring more attention to the campaign.  You can also purchase Believe in Heroes merchandise in stores or online here    

I'm participating in the 2014 Believe in Heroes blogger campaign and received compensation as part of the program

That time I channeled a Kardashian

I complain a lot about military life.  Not really on this blog but in my head, for the most part.  It's a hard life in so many ways and many times the upsides seem hidden beneath a mountain of difficulties and lonliness.

BUT, the military does one thing right: party.  There's Christmas parties, Navy Day Balls, and now the Khaki Ball every year.  Because my husband just made Chief, this was our first one.
The Khaki Ball is less formal than the "Ball" events so I decided to channel a Kardashian with a short (but not toooo short), tight (but not toooo tight) black number that kept the tattas under wraps.
After a last minute text to the bestie "What color shoes?!"(side note: her answer was "Black.  And don't forget your whip and ball gag"-- that's why we're bests), we were off.
We had a great time.  It was an honor to attend.  The food was great, the drinks were flowing (it was a military event, after all), and the speeches weren't too insufferable.  
We never used to go to the dances/balls.  In fact, we didn't go to our first one until we moved here (3 years ago).  Since then, we've been to 2 formals/year.  This year will be 3.  I think we probably didn't used to go because my husband wasn't very "Go Navy" but he has aged into it.  Now I look at it as a perk of being part of the military community.  Not many people get the opportunity to get all dolled up, buy a fancy dress, get out without the kids, and party with their spouse a couple times a year.  We're taking every opportunity now!

Do you usually go to the dances/balls?

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Outer Banks, NC


{vacation house}

Sun.  Beach.  Family.  Swimming.  Perfect weather.  Amazing vacation home.  Fantastic dinners.

Our trip to the Outer Banks, North Carolina (Currituck Club on the golf course in Corolla to be exact), was amazing.  Duck Donuts was everything everyone said it would be (read that as AMAZING).  The weather could not have been more perfect.  It really was a remarkable family vacation. 

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Khaki Ball tonight


I know this space has been lacking lately but between the loss of my computer, going on vacation, and my husband being home on leave from work, I just don't have the motivation.  I have a couple real posts that need to go up but my lack of a computer (yes, still- now it needs to be sent in to the manufacturer) just makes it impossible to do posts with more than a pic or two.
 photo DA6E0B5B-D839-4BB7-B174-CEF024F17FB0_zpsl1tpf28a.jpg

Tonight we have the Khaki Ball in DC.  Here's a peek of my dress (sorry it's blurry)
 photo 46D1E01E-298A-478D-B53A-8913810B8D40_zpsu0lum8zq.jpg
It is our first since my husband just got promoted.  I'm excited but we don't have an overnight sitter so, unlike everyone else, we won't be staying out tonight. We'll be headed back home in an Uber Cab to our babies. Ahh, the life of a parent.  I'm still excited to dress up and get all prettied.  I promised, after last year's ball, that I would learn those choreographed dance numbers that every other person in the military (or East Coast?!) inherently already knows but, alas, I did not.  Oh well.

Wishing you all a weekend full of fun, family, friends, music, laughter, and time outdoors.

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7 years


 photo imagejpg1_zps7f734c06.jpg
 16 years ago in the high school screen printing class, I had no idea that the guy trying to look down my overalls would eventually be my husband. 7 years of marriage and 2 kids later, here we are.  We've packed more adventures into these past 16 years than most people will ever experience. 

We've made a home in 5 cities (6 if you count our 2 month hotel stay) in our 7 years of marriage.  We've visited countless new cities and vacationed all over the country together.  We've experienced the pure elation of helping new life enter the world and the depth of unimaginable grief together.

Our story hasn't always been perfect, and it hasn't always been easy but it's our story.

We're a family.

7 years. 

Beach days


 photo image_zps164d59ca.jpg
Hello from the Outer Banks, North Carolina. If you thought that I'm not blogging because I am thoroughly enjoying myself on vacation, you'd be right. 


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The light is never a train


 photo image_zps91cee07a.jpg

The surgery is over.  My boy is fine.  He's running around giggling. 
There's only 3 more days until my husband is done with his program so he'll be able to be home again. 

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's right there.  I can see the relief.  I can feel the relief.  I am breathing in the calmness.  

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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