Gangland Peeps


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One of these Peeps has spend some serious time in prison. You can guess which one. 

Happy Easter Sunday!  

This is what its about


Last weekend we went to an Easter celebration with the kids.  There was candy, crafts, and egg hunt outdoors followed by a quick visit with the Easter bunny.  We delighted in our first warm spring weekend with an absolutely perfect 65 degrees of sunshine.
 (not too sure about the Easter bunny)
 (she was an egg fanatic.  She definitely "gets it".  She wanted to get more eggs than all the other kids... competitive much?!)
Holidays are so much more fun with kids around.  To be able to watch her joy as we create memories and traditions is really what it is all about.  Injecting a bit of magic into their world where we can is what it is all about.

We had a great day with the kids but, really, what the heck is the deal with the Easter bunny?!  Why does the Easter bunny leave eggs around?  Why is ham the go to meat for the holiday that revolves around a rabbit and a chicken?!  Why did the Easter bunny tradition even start in the first place; it doesn't fit into the Easter story in any way, shape, or form.
Enjoy your Easter weekend and be thankful you didn't live in that era and have to be tortured by this scary ass rabbit.

Happy Easter!

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Mall trip- never entirely successful


We spent yesterday at the Annapolis mall.  We wandered through the stores looking at brightly colored toddler sun dresses, flowered rompers, and striped tops, purchasing them as we browsed.

We ate a light lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe.  The Cafe was filled with "ladies who lunch" and they got quite a show when the little friend we were with choked and had to get the Heimlich in the middle of the restaurant. There's never a dull moment when your dates are preschoolers. 

I was unpleasantly unsurprised to find that I didn't run into a single outfit that "spoke" to me. That obviously is affected by the fact that we had a gaggle of whiny, bored little ones but this is a tough age to feel comfortable and stylish.  I am too old for most of what is sold in F21 but I'm tiny and don't fit into real women's clothes.  I am not a J. Crew addict.  Most of it is too formal for my aesthetic.  I like California comfortable, cute, unfussy (I'm not going to wear a hat or blazer, or vest or....) but I'm too old for these cotton mini shirts and other 90's inspired comfy summer looks that are filling the teenie bopper stores right now. 

So back to the drawing board. I'm on the hunt for summer dresses with straps (short but not toooo short), tanks with beading or prints that are form fitting but not short, and a pair of shorts that don't make my butt cheeks hang out the bottom. 

Do you have a go to store that fits the late twenties/ early thirties aesthetic?

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I get the ickies


You know the Mom who's kid gets hurt and she is calm and collected and handles it in stride?  She confidently asses the wounds before expertly tending to them while wiping the tears that fall.

I am not that Mom.

I get grossed out and my stomach does flip flops and I don't know what to do.  This morning my little faux niece got her finger stuck in an exterior door and it ripped her tiny nail off.  It was in that moment that I realized that not only am I not "good" at boo boos but I am also a complete failure at handling them.  I had no bandages, an empty box of band-aids, no medical tape... basically nothing to help the problem.

The other day my boxer had a long white thing hanging out of his butt.  My immediate thought was that his intestines were coming out and I literally could barely handle it.  I tried to make my husband come home from work to figure it out.  It ended up being a rawhide that he ate whole apparently and I had to "assist" with its removal, if you get my drift.  And now that dog owes me big time and better protect me if anyone ever tries to break in.

Maybe I will get better at these Mommy tasks.  Maybe I will get more comfortable handling medical emergencies.  Maybe I will grow into a Mom that has a fully stocked medicine cabinet.


Do you get the ickies?  Or are you good at dealing boo boos?

Lovely things


Things I am loving to get this weekend started...
{spring flowers}

{old, forever friends}

{evening runs followed by park dates}

(from here)


{holidays are so much more fun with kids to entertain}

Have a wonderful weekend.  I hope spring has arrived at your house and this weekend is filled with sunshine and loved ones!

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Getting back on track


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I'm back in Maryland and reconnecting with my kids.  All they want is to touch me. As many body parts that they can get to make contact with any part of my skin the better. It is very sweet and let's be honest, a bit annoying. I know they just want to be near me but Ahhh!, stop rubbing my face!
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I let Eva stay home from school yesterday so we could stay in pj's and play together all day.

Today we're back on schedule; Eva will be back in school, we have a doctor check-up, there's laundry to do and dirty floors to clean, and an empty fridge to fill.  It's time to get this life back on track.

It's over. Time to go home.


It's Tuesday morning, I'm laying in bed at my Dads house.  The house is strangely silent as the morning hasn't begun yet for this house full of adults.

I'm getting back on a plane this afternoon to return to my "real life". One of early morning cries and 8:00 sticky hands and dirty diapers. These quiet long mornings alone in bed and long steamy showers will seem a distant memory as I wake up to this smiley boy tomorrow morning right after the sun begins to rise. 
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I'm ready. I'm ready to go back to my stinky, sticky, noisy babies.  

I'm ready to be a Mommy to my kiddos again. The break was nice but reconnecting with my real life will be nicer. 

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