What a sleeping baby means to me


Looking at my TimeHop today, it shows exactly what I am most thankful for this year and every year.
There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.  Nothing.  It doesn't matter how annoying they were an hour ago, it doesn't matter how many blow out diapers you changed, how much whining you had to deal with, or how many messes you had to clean up- when you hold that sleeping baby, all is right in the world.
This year and every year, I am most thankful for my happy, healthy babies.  They are content and silly.  They are wild and loud.  They are growing and normal.  They are smart and naughty.  They are kind and goofy.
So, this year and hopefully every year in the future, I am thankful for my perfectly imperfect little family.  I am thankful for our health, our freedom, and our joyful little life.

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A pile of little things


In the midst of our crazy lives, it is nice to take a moment to acknowledge the little things that make it all worth while.
It's the little things: An evening with friends around a fire pit.  A couple beers, some good conversation, and a herd of happy kids.  Perfection.
It's the little things: Enjoying family time together on a group bike ride.  It was cold and we didn't get far but we were together and that is all that matters.
It's the little things:Breakfast together in the morning before we go about our busy days.  It doesn't happen often but when it does, I giggle the whole time because my husband hates chaos in the morning. 
It's the little things: Spending alone time with my little man while his sister is in ballet class.  I bring a bag of toys and we take the hour to play face to face, alone, just the two of us.
It's the little things: The exuberance at which Eva works on her assignments.  She is reading and doing addition and subtraction with glee.  It would be one of my greatest accomplishments if I could to continue to foster her excitement in learning throughout the entirety of her schooling experience.

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Diligence but not progress


Since the East Coast has entered into a Polar Vortex, my workout routine has to fit into my life motto of "Don't step outdoors unless absolutely necessary when the temperature isn't above freezing".  I have been really good about doing Jillian Michaels videos.  I usually do her "30 Day Shred" but lately I have been doing the "Cardio Kickbox" video.  Did you know that she has a bunch of videos free on Youtube? 
Obviously, being a Mom of a little complicates indoor workouts.  I have to do the video while he takes his nap or else he will not let it happen
I have been in a constant state of sore- from my fingers to my thighs.  Literally, my finger muscles are sore but that complicates my other fall fitness goal: splits.  It is really hard to work on splits when your legs are aching and sore.  I have been faithful though.  I have been stretching almost every day but honestly, I have had very little progress.  It is frustrating because I have been so diligent but I am just not getting closer to the floor.  Is this normal?  Is it just impossible for an adult to get that flexible if you haven't kept up on it?

How are your fall fitness goals going?  Progress?

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Because baby animals are adorable


Well, I wrote a whole post about being homesick for my sisters and nieces and nephews, but, to be honest, it was pretty depressing.
You're welcome.  Happy Monday.

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The days are long but the years...


This morning we rushed around the house getting clothes on, eating breakfast, packing lunches, getting milks cups, brushing teeth, getting school clothes packed, cleaning morning messes, grabbing toys for the waiting room, etc, etc, etc, we were all packed up and in the car by 8:30am ready to tackle our busy day.  The baby has been in a particularly whiney, fussy stage for the last week and bitched at me every step of the way.  We rushed off for our first appointment (ballet).  As we grabbed our things and headed into the dance studio, Eva told me she wasn't feeling well.  Thinking she was fibbing, I reminded her that she wouldn't be allowed to go to pre-k or play with her neighbor friends later if she was sick this morning.  She made it through 10 minutes of ballet before she came out and said she really wasn't feeling well.

We went home and she fell asleep immediately.  An hour later, this happened.
Both of my babies curled up on my lap.  Both kids snuggling me, rubbing each other, resting their eyes, and just generally relaxing together while being surrounded by their Mom's embrace.

This is what my life is about.  It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of life- rushing to appointments and classes, worrying about minutia, stressing about details that don't matter in the long run.

This is what matters.  Comforting my babies.  Making them feel loved and secure.  Snuggling away sickies and cuddling them through their tantrums. 

I needed this reminder this morning. 

The days are long but the years are short.

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The terrorists might scare me home tomorrow


We have "honorary guest", front area, tickets to tomorrow's Concert for Valor in DC.  The concert will feature live performances by Bruce Springsteen, Rhianna, The Black Keys, Eminem, Carrie Underwood, Metallica, Zac Brown Band, etc. 

We're going to get a baby sitter and spend the day together watching live music and partaking in the celebration that is Washington DC on Veterans Day. 

Here's the problem: I have queasy stomach, lump in the throat, hot forehead anxiety about getting blown up at the concert.

I do realize that the security for the event will be tight but I am also realistic in the truth that there will be 800,000 people in attendance and it's impossible to be diligent when there are that many people.  A nationally televised event in DC on Veterans Day with 800,000 people in attendance seems like a good opportunity for a terrorist attack.

What a world we live in, huh?!  We live in a world, in a time when we have to worry that attending a concert could mean being blown up by terrorists.  My army veteran cousin who is still currently working in the Middle East reminded me that "they" win if we stay home hiding in fear and I get it.  It's true.  But I have kids and being prudent about safety is my ultimate concern.  He also reminded me that with 800,000 people in attendance, my chances of being hit with shrapnel from a bomb is pretty small.  There's some rational, experienced soldier thinking for you.

So, I don't know.  I don't know if we're going to go.  I'm going to take some of my anti-anxiety medicine and try to be rational about my decision.  I'm not usually a fear monger.  At all.  But, for some reason, this is getting to me.

Do you think I am being unreasonable?

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When your lovey is a weiner


Most toddlers acquire a "lovey" as they transition from infancy to toddlerhood.  Many children chose a stuffed animal to sleep with, some a specific blanket, and occasionally a taggie or specially made lovey animal/blankie combo.  Loveys are good for toddlers because they help soothe them and assist with teaching them to sleep alone and obtain comfort during stressful times. 

My son's lovey is his weiner. 

He holds it when he sleeps, he cradles it when he is stressed or tired, and he checks on it constantly when he is bored.
{if I don't put a onsie or sleeper on him during nap or night time, he holds his wiener the whole time and then pees up and out the top of the diaper soaking the sheets... every, single time}
Yesterday, I tried (again) to leave Nate with the gym babysitter so I could get my workout in while Eva was at school.  This is problematic for two reasons.  One, it is his nap time and two, he is only used to being in there with Eva.  I tried the day before and it was a epic failure.  They came to get me after twenty minutes because he wouldn't stop crying. 

So, ready to try again, I dropped him in the daycare center yesterday, hoping to get at least an hour in.  A few minutes later, leaving my crying baby with the sitters, I climbed on to the treadmill and adjusted my headphones, I get a pit in my stomach as I see the daycare lady walking through the gym surveying the machines looking for a Mom- hoping that Mom isn't me.  It was.

She tells me, "I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden he was covered in pee and he was standing in a puddle.  I don't know how he peed through his diaper like that!".

I go down to check on my boy baby, knowing full well what happened.  My boy's lovey is his wiener.  He was stressed so he went into his pants, pulled his wiener out of his diaper and peed from the top of his sweatshirt, down the front of his top, down his shorts, and into the puddle on the floor. 

And that, my friends is why your son's wiener shouldn't also be his lovey.

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