A whole lot of little things


What a week.  Between working, the husband's car crapping out, and Eva's newfound sassy attitude, I need a break.  With the craziness of life, it is important to remember the little things that make it all worthwhile... 
...Convos with the best...
It's the little things: Eva has been a brat lately but I am acutely aware that it is her path.  She is finding her voice, testing boundaries, and learning limits.  She is smart and she is learning.  She deserves to have a Momma who leads her through developmental phases with patience and kindness.  I am thankful that despite a (sometimes) sassy attitude, she is still the best "sharer" I've ever seen, friendly and social with every one she comes across, and a sweet older sister to her brother.
It's the little things: Going along with the post above, having the opportunity to leave her sassy butt at pre-k for three hours a day.  Sometimes this Momma needs that little break!

It's the little things: Watching my kids playing together.  Eva breaks the bread into small pieces and hands them over to Nate to throw to the ducks.  They love to visit the ducks and watch them get worked into a frenzy over our half stale hamburger buns.  They giggle and squeal as the ducks get braver and braver as they move in closer for the bread.  We laugh as we run to escape from the greedy little ducks.  Making memories one old hamburger bun at a time.

It's the little things: Fresh mums on my front step.  The freshness, the vibrant color, the pop of life as everything around us goes into winter hibernation.

It's the little things: Having a buddy for life.

It's the little things: The most perfect little blond curly cue that has ever been created.  It's getting dangerously close to turning into an 1980's rat tail but I don't think it's going to get cut any time soon.

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Fall fitness


Notice I haven't posted a fitness update lately?  Well, you'd be right if you guessed that's because I've been slacking.  I actually do WANT to go but between my morning obligations and the gym's daycare hours, I haven't been able to make it.  Of course it is all excuses because I COULD go in the evenings but I can't justify losing the evening family time together.  I could also do my Jillian Michaels DVD in the mornings but I haven't been doing that regularly either.

I've only been working out once or twice (usually twice) a week for the past month or so.  I ran 5 miles last week and was actually sore the next day.  I'm usually never sore from running. 
 photo B97DA733-135C-4522-BD93-52CF6F4C0F57_zpswuz3cqvs.jpg
So that's my update.  Pathetic but true.  I haven't completely dropped off the program but the 60 miles/month motivation definitely left with the summer weather.

I am going to get some real (attainable) goals together this week for the upcoming freezing months.  I am going to pick a couple goals that I can work on at home and complete in the next few months.  I'll post those next Wednesday. 

How are you staying motivated with the dropping temperatures?

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Craft: Homemade crayons


Fall is here and with fall arriving, comes the rain...  And the cold...  And being stuck indoors for months on end...  With kids.  

So, it's time to start with the hunt for indoor activities that keep the kids busy.  

Homemade crayons, ladies.  You know how kids are annoying and they immediately start breaking all of those nice, new crayons you buy (over and over and over)?  Grab those old broken crayons and an oven safe mold for a quick, free project. 
2.  Crunch the crayons a bit.
3.  Let the kids fill the oven safe baking container (I used my silicone Valentines ice tray) with the crayon pieces.  They an pick whichever color combos they want!
4.  Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the crayons are all melted
5.  Let the crayons harden and pop out from the container.
Ta da! Heart shaped crayons that color the exact same as the normal crayons.  The only crayon that didn't work was the Crayola princess glitter crayon- it didn't harden properly.

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 photo CE731479-286D-46DA-88F0-0329470379F3_zpsl6s0bh13.jpg
I'm walking into this weekend feeling awesome. I had a great, busy week. I worked three full days, went to a play date, worked out at the gym twice, got great news regarding my friend's health, crafted with my kids, visited the library, and filled my fridge with food. 

This weekend will be one filled with peace, gratitude, and happiness. 

Cheers to a fabulous weekend.

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Wainscoting: Easy, cheap(ish) house update


About six months ago, right in my front entry way a tool went through the drywall and left a large, gaping hole in the wall.  It was a terrible eye sore but the reno project got pushed to the side due to our busy schedules and, quite honestly, our lack of knowledge on replacing drywall.  It was too large of a hole to patch with the quick drywall patches.  So, the hole stayed right in my entry way for months.

When my husband finished his crazy summer work schedule, we decided it was way past time to fix this big embarrassing hole in the wall but as we started researching replacing drywall, we made a hard left turn and decided to install primed, recessed wainscoting from Lowes.

The installation was fairly easy.  The baseboards need to be removed (don't bother trying to save them since they will need to be replaced), the wainscot boards nailed up, and then new baseboards and chair rail installed over the wainscot boards.

We painted the wall above the boards a "paper bag" color and painted the wainscot boards, chair rail, and baseboards a glossy bright white after the nail holes were filled and sanded.




The total price for the hallway was approximately $250 but worth every penny!

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*not sponsored in any way by Lowes, it's just the product that we used*

How you know you're done with babies


When you're creating a family, it's hard to know when you're "done".  Is one "enough"?  Two?  When two feels like "enough" do you make the permanent(ish) decision to do the surgical fix or keep taking the hormonal precautions just in case you change your mind later when you forget how horrible the sleepless nights and constant flow of poop/spit up/ drool is.

My husband got the permanent fix.  He knew he was done after our second baby.  I got the Mirena but told him he better get fixed before my Mirena ran out because I WILL want another.  I don't want another now but I bet I will in five years.  Well he RAN to get fixed while he still had my blessing.

We spent the whole long weekend with my bestie and her new baby.  He is the sweetest; he doesn't fuss, he is content to just hang around, eats well, coos as you play with him, smiles if you act like a monkey in his face... everything you could want in a two month old baby.

Even still, I don't want another baby.  I spent all weekend cuddling, holding, and wearing this sweet little boy and the pull just isn't there.

(When I said I spent ALL weekend holding him, don't get crazy and think that I had sleepless nights- those are reserved for his Mom.  Sleepless baby nights are definitely a thing of the past for me)

I think this is how you know you're done.  When you hang around a gorgeous, sweet, EASY baby and the drive isn't there.  
 photo 61D18790-EFBD-4168-8CF5-2F69E3FD03BA_zps9hru5eik.jpg
I am past babies.  I can hang around babies and not want one.  I can hold them and cuddle them and then hand them back to their Mommies and not feel that sting of desire.

It's a good thing, I guess, since my husband is fixed.  I guess we made the right decision.

How did you know you were done?  Did you just "know"?

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A not so pretty anxiety post


 photo 817A5511-2C79-43BB-8F91-4CFA29B98DBD_zpsfabyeqlg.jpg
One of my very best friends has follow up testing for a very scary potential health scenario today.  I don't know what to say other than I'm anxious and scared for her.  I think because I lost my Mom in such a tragic, abnormal way (I mean, brain cancer?! Really?!), I am hyper sensitive to health concerns and their impact on our lives.

I worry excessively about my sons health. Some of them are/ were legitimate concerns and some maybe not so much.  I take things to level 10 when the diagnosis is "let's just watch it for a while".

I can't help it.

But, I'm not a hypochondriac. I don't rush any of us in to the doctor for sniffles or fevers or bumps on the noggin.  I think it's almost sicker than that... I'm just waiting for one us to to be SICK.  Like, really sick.  Cancer or being run over or something equally as horrific.

It's not a normal level of concern. It's a take your breath away, instant tears in my eyes, steaming hot face, sweaty palms in an instant type of anxiety.

PTSD is real.  It's amazing how tragedy and grief can change a person.

(Sorry for the total downer post on a Friday. I'm just stressed and waiting to hear the news of her good test results)
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