Military Monday- Lauren, Pearl Harbor, HI


Todays Military Monday blogger highlight is Lauren.  She is one of my good friends from Hawaii and a fabulous fashion and style blogger.  Check out her great fashion blog at 

Name and blog site: Lauren Becker /

Branch of service: US Navy

Where currently stationed: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

How long have you been there?: Almost 3 years and will be here until December 2012

Favorite restaurant in the area: Uncle Bo’s without question. Check it out for an amazing pupu bar/restaurant. It doesn’t look like much from the street but when you step in the door you feel like you’re in San Francisco or NYC. Be sure to make reservations because they are always slammed!

Previous duty stations: We were in Lemoore, CA, and Virginia Beach, VA

3 favorite things to do in your current city: Paddleboard, spend time with friends, and shop! Ala Moana mall has a lot of good stores- they don't have every store but you can find every THING somewhere.
Favorite duty station so far: Lemoore, in spite of the crazy air quality. We had great friends and I taught choir in an AMAZING school district. I miss that job and the faculty/students every day. Plus, a 3-hour drive to either San Fransisco or Los Angeles isn’t something to complain about either. ;)
Who is your hero? I thought about this question for a VERY long time. Like anyone else I have family members who I admire and even teachers who impacted my life and inspired me in my career. I think, however, that my hero- one(s) who receives my utmost respect and admiration- are the people who live a life worthy of the calling they have received, no matter the cost or things that try to stop them along the way. It takes fearlessness. It takes motivation. It takes strength.

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