Done hunting and now we wait


House hunting was fairly painless.  I am pretty sure we are our realtor's easiest clients ever.  We spent most of the day of driving through all of the neighborhoods surrounding the base.  There was one house that really stuck out in our minds.  

First off, she is huge.  5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms on over a third of an acre (15,000+ sq/ft lot) with a huge two tiered deck off the back, a 1,000 foot finished basement. and huge oversized two car garage.  There is a jacuzzi on the deck, jacuzzi tub in the master, and mature trees on the property.

It is also located within a convenient 15 minute drive to base on a lovely cul-de-sac.

It was kind of hard to really imagine ourselves in the home because the woman (I'm assuming it was the woman) was a HOARDER.  Not quite as bad as the ones that they show on TLC but she probably was before she put the house on the market.  There were entire rooms filled up with boxes and bags of clothes and toys.  Probably half of the basement was stuffed knee high with old toys and kid stuff.  

Side note: walking through other people's houses is really weird.  I felt the need to profile every family as we walked through each house (oh look the daughter moved out of this room recently.  I bet she left for college because she is that age, all of her clothes are gone but the rest of her stuff is still here, and all of her photo books are strewn across the floor.  Only half of the Dad's bed is unmade.  The whole house is decorated in 1980's blue/pink bunnies except for the couple random Corvette posters.  His wife either left him and walked away from the house the way she decorated or she passed on.  Sad.  The Dad must feel like the house is too big now that both his daughter and his wife are gone...  Yeah, I used that much critical thinking to try to figure out that much detail).  Also, one of the houses that we went through was an Officer who worked for the National Security Administration.  He had small, "secret"ish cameras set up all over the house taping us as we walked through. 

We put an offer in on the house yesterday.  The seller's agent is meeting with them today at 4pm to go over our offer.  We offered full price but are asking them to pay the closing costs.  Our agent said it is a fair offer so I am hopefully optimistic.

If all goes well, we will be moving in our new monster house on December 28.  By that time, we will need all of that extra room since we are still going to be staying in a hotel room until then.  Can you say stepping on each other's toes?  

Cross your fingers they agree with our price and we can move forward with the inspections!


  1. The house is gorgeous! We haven't been as fortunate to find what we're looking for yet, so congrats to you for finding it that quickly!! We've been looking for quite a bit. I hope to see some pics when you guys move in!! Have fun and Congrats!!

  2. Good luck! I'm sure it'll work out great. The house is beautiful! Well, the outside is. The inside requires your own touch/decorations :)
    Let us know how it goes!

    xo, Samantha

  3. It's so easy to allow house-hunting to become uber stressful, but it's such an exciting experience when you really step back and look at the huge life change.

    Making a house a home is such a wonderful thing. Fingers crossed you get your dream home! :)

  4. What a nice house. I'm positive you'll get it!

    My move was stressful too. Our house wasn't ready for an additional month because the man who owned it rented it out to tenants. And of course, as the people moved, they trashed the place. It was a mess of a deal, but the house was worth the struggle. I LOVE my house. Love love love.

  5. SO exciting!!! That house looks and sounds incredible!
    Good luck!

  6. The house is beautiful! Hope everything goes smoothly.

  7. This house is gorgeous!! Best of luck to you, I hope you get it : )

    Thanks for stopping by Keeping Up with the Cyperts! I am now a new follower! : )


  8. Fingers crossed for you! what a cute house and sounds gigantic! i really want a big deck on my next house!

  9. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! Loving your blog- and your new adventures, So I am your newest follower! Hope you are still enjoying MA!

  10. The secret cameras must not have been too secret of you found them all! Lol! Speaking of hidden cameras I am considering leaving up the video monitors in the girls' rooms through high school ;)

  11. I hope you get the house! We stayed in a hotel as well until we found our home. It can be tough, but it could be a whole lot worse. :) Good luck!

  12. oooh that house is lovely!! im hoping you get that house, what a great way to start a new year in a new house!!

  13. wow good luck!! such an amazing house!!!!! the house buying process can definitely drain you, thats great that you found something you loved!

  14. Good luck girly! The house is beautiful :)

    By the way, I gave your blog an award! Check it out here:

    Keep up the great work!

  15. WOw!! It's gorgeous..really. Josh and I are going to start looking at the beginning of the year for one and I'm so excited! I love everything about your house.. the porch, the brick.. even the color! White looks so great! Very happy for ya'll!


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