Road trip day 5


Our road trip is going wonderfully. Nashville was a pleasant success, like I already mentioned. We spent the last day in Asheville, North Carolina. It's a great little town tucked under the Smokey Mountains. It's a little pocket of old hippies, college kids, new agers, and gay families. The city has a great downtown/ city center filled with organic, vegetarian cafes, locally owned, fair trade shops, and organic, sustainable clothing stores. I haven't downloaded any pictures from my camera yet.

What have I learned so far on our (almost) cross country road trip?

1. Lots and lots and lots of people live in trailer homes.

2. My husband doesn't trust me to drive.
Me: why don't you let me drive? I can drive you know. I have my license.
Him: well, I'm not sure you should. You know, you haven't driven much since the big accident.
Me: what? I didn't get in an accident.
Him: I know but thats what they always say in racing movies.
Me: um, ok...
Him: no, it's fine. I'll drive.

3. Brother/ sister dynamics don't change (after watching my Aunt, Uncle, and Dad together). Annoying each other on purpose is just part of being siblings- even in your 50's.

4. Talk radio kicks music's ass during long road trips (thank you, Joe Rogan).

5. Dollywood in the Smokey Mountains costs $60/ person to get in. Come on, Dolly. I love you but not $120 worth.

6. I am so thankful we only have one kid right now. Eva is doing great on the trip but it would be a lot harder with an additional personality on board.

7. People listening to live music in the hotel bar area are not amused by a wound up 18 month old climbing all over the chairs and running up and down the stairs.

8. Having a tv in the car is worth whatever extra money we paid for it.

9. We are fairly out of touch having grown up in Southern California and Hawaii. Why are there big rolls of hay rolled up in the middle of the fields?

10. Basements are the shizz. California is really missing out. I am kind of sad I went 29 year without experiencing one. I want a killer basement in our next house.


  1. Ha! My husband won't let me drive either. He says I'm a speed demon.

    California really is missing out big time on the basement craze. I wish with all my heart that I had a basement with huge throw pillows and a flat screen that I could just lay in all day. It'd be awesome.

  2. I'm glad she's doing well on your road trip, sounds like a lot of car time for a little one. I totally don't blame her for being wound up and the hotel but I bet you got some looks haha!

  3. Most men doesn't know how to drive;)
    Sounds like fun! Happy to hear it!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  4. 2) hilarious!
    4) I agree! we listen to a lot of comedians too and it passes the time so quickly!
    8) i want one in the car so bad! it would make my son behave so much better!

  5. my Hubby drives all the time too! I would love a vegetarian cafe!

  6. Wow, kudos to you for going on a long road trip with a little one! Every summer we drive 28 hours to my husband's family and I get so antsy by the second day. I haven't been to ashville, but I spent 2 summers in nearby Brevard, NC. They have an awesome Mexican restaurant " el ranchero" and a cool general store. Hope your trip stays accident/ argument free ;)
    (my husband only let's me drive between the hours of 1 and 5 am.....don't really see the logic in that, but whatev) :)

  7. My husband won't let me drive either. Could be the fact that I seem to lose all driving abilities when he is in the car with me.

  8. You need to get to know the folks at ITT and MWR on base. That is the best place to get tickets for places like Dollywood. Prices are a lot less than buying them at the entrance.

    Love - Aunt Treasa


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