Military Monday: Jenn- Ft Campbell, KY


The Military Monday duty station feature on this blog is designed for us military families to meet our fellow military spouses and also to learn about duty stations across the world.  We all get to (or have to depending on your outlook and particular set of circumstances), move every couple years to different duty stations that are scattered throughout the country and the world.  This feature will allow us the opportunity to explore these different areas of the world before we get there.  If you are interested in being highlighted for this feature, please send me an email.  

Today's Military Monday, spouse highlight is Nicole, the lovely blogger Jenn behind the blog Life with the Lieutenant.  Go spend some time with her! 


Name and blog site:  Jenn from Life With The Lieutenant

Branch of service: Army

Where currently stationed: Fort Campbell, KY
How long have you been there? since March 2011, so almost one year

Favorite restaurant in the area: Pancho Villa.  It’s a Mexican restaurant right outside of one of the gates that serves up cheap (but tasty!) margaritas, and on Wednesday and Saturday nights, they have live mariachi music.  This does wonders to keep the small people entertained while you snarf down your yummy food.  It is definitely a hotspot for lunch too (thanks to its location), but we usually hit it up for dinner.

Previous duty stations: Fort Lee, VA

3 favorite things to do in your current city: Have lunch at Chick-fil-A (a MUST-DO if you have kids, as they have an indoor play-place that is very nice), roam Target, and plan trips to Nashville.  I find that there is not much to “do” in Clarksville, so you either have to travel to Nashville (super-easy if you don’t have little ones on nap schedules!) or really enjoy hanging out at your house with friends.
Favorite duty station so far: Fort Lee, VA.  Being so close to Richmond, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach was AWESOME.  There is always something happening in Richmond, and it seems to have Southern charm without the sweat-your-eyeballs-out heat.

Who is your hero? All those who have served and are currently serving in the military AS WELL AS their families.  The sacrifices made by both parties are nothing short of heroic.

What is the biggest drawback to your current duty station? I think the biggest drawback to this area is the lack of things to do/places to eat.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some awesome people-watching to be done at the local mall, and if you enjoy fast-food chain restaurants, Clarksville has them all!  But having to drive to Nashville in order to “do” something gets old quick. Especially if you are carting around a small person/people.

Are there any local festivals you have been to or are planning to attend? We went to Riverfest in Clarksville this past year, and while it was advertised as an art festival, I did not find it to be anywhere close to that.  While this is not technically a festival, I definitely recommend the weekend Farmers’ Market downtown.  You can sign up on the city of Clarksville’s webpage to receive weekly emails that inform you about the upcoming weekend’s market.  They sell lots of fresh produce, meat, fruit, jams, and other homemade items.  It feels much more festival-like than Riverfest to me.


If you are a military spouse and want be featured for this post, please send me an email at HandlingWithGrace {at}


  1. I loved reading this. We'll be at Fort Lee for 4 months this summer than at stationed at Fort Campbell!

  2. We love Pancho yummy! And I agree. Clarksville needs some better places to eat. And a Trader Joes :)

  3. Awesome! I love these duty station posts!

  4. Love the pics! And the apron is awesome! :)

  5. Jenn's blog has quickly become one of my faves!

  6. i really really respect families who have a loved one serving our country. thank you thank you thank you.


  7. I drive to Nashville 3 days a week from Clarksville, but I do think the drive is worth it on a day off to go to PF Changs or a local eat in Nashville just so we don't have to have Olive Garden again!

  8. New readerrrr. :) Love your blog.

    And I love Jenn's posts tooooo. :)
    But I will go back to your blog Jenn and leave my thoughts there.

  9. My father retired @ Ft. Campbell, and my parents still live in Clarksville.

  10. We leave half-way between Nashville and Clarksville (I work in Brentwood and my hubby at Fort Campbell) and it makes Nashville VERY accessible. We hardly ever do anything in Clarksville. We really love being in the country but only 30 minutes from a great city with so much to do!


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