18 week bump date


Due to the overwhelming positive response, I will be doing every couple week bumpdates.  Please feel free to skip them if seeing a weird alien belly gives you the willies.  I have every couple week pictures from my pregnancy with Eva also so I will post those along with my current pics to see how different (ie bigger) my belly is the second time around.  I am 18 and a half weeks pregnant today.

How far along? 18.5 weeks
Size of baby? Bell pepper
Weight gain? +10 pounds.  Yep, blowing up.
Sleep?  OK, although I have started waking up numerous times/night.
Best Moment of the Week? Getting the results of the MaterniT21 test (NORMAL for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities).
Miss anything? Wine.  We went to a party last weekend and people are seriously less interesting when you're sober.  Seriously.  And exponentially more annoying.
Movement? Just in the last day or two.  
Food Cravings? Anything and everything.  I cannot get enough food.
Gender? BOY!
Name?  Ugh, nope.  Naming a human being is hard.
Symptoms? Pregnant (read that as fat, pimples, cellulite).
Belly button in or out? In mostly but not for much longer.
Looking forward to: Feeling him more regularly and for B and Eva to be able to feel him from the outside.
Next baby boy check-up?: Today.  Yeah, I have a lot of appointments.  

Updates: We had our 18 week scan (normal anatomy scan) and also his first growth check to check for intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) due to low PAPP-A.  He is growing perfectly for now (YAY!) and weighed 9 ounces (if someone can please let my body know that gaining 10 pounds for a 9ounce baby is a bit excessive, I would appreciate it).  While he is the proper size for now, they did find a "spot" on his heart indicating echogenic intracardiac focus.  Supposedly this anomaly is fairly common and should not be of much concern for me, says both my high risk doctor and the all knowing "Doctor Google".  Trying not to stress but abnormalities, increased risk factors, and anomalies are scary when you're growing a human being.  Baby's next growth scan is in 4 weeks.  
18.5 weeks with Baby #2

18 weeks pregnant with Eva

Past Bumpdates

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  1. yay you look great! :) I hope your appointment goes well today.

  2. Oh my gosh, people are SO much more annoying. I am actually kind of dreading Thanksgiving - Hubs's family drives me crazy normally, it's going to be painful now that I can't drown them out. Anyway, you look great!

  3. You look adorable ~ Yay for baby bumps :)
    I went to a party last night as a girlfriend's +1 ~ had some wine and I remembered how great people are when under the influence!


  4. You're looking great!! Naming a baby is hard, I agree. We didn't name Penny until she was 12 hours old.

  5. I think you look great! Congrats on a BOY!! I never thought I could love anyone as much as Leah but Carter seriously melts my heart in a completely different way!!

  6. You look great. Picking a name is hard. My hubby is so picky it took us forever to decide on our girls names

  7. I agree with everyone else, you look great! Congrats on everything so far.

  8. I am glad he is growing like he should!

  9. so glad to hear he's growing and your passing tests with flying colors :) and you look great!

  10. You're teeny! lol Most people say you get bigger with your second, but I was much smaller with my second. With my first, I was pregnant ALL OVER. LOL
    Congrats! :)

  11. Thanks for the updates! I'm glad to hear the positive outcome of the tests!

  12. Yay for,positive everything! You look fab momma!

  13. Love these posts. Don't worry hopefully this problem will correct itself and nothing will come of it :)

  14. You look fabulous! And we thought we had our son named and then changed it last minute. It will come to you and than it will be perfect!

  15. You look so great, girl! So glad he is growing well. :)

  16. You look great!!! So glad everything is A-Ok for now :) Keep up the positive thinking :)

  17. Our stomachs look so similar! I mean, except yours doesn't have gross stretch marks and you're only ten pounds heavier than usual. YOU LOOK FABULOUS.

    Also, I agree with the wine statement. I can't stand a lot of people in social settings unless one of us is drinking. And by "one of us" I mean me of course.

  18. You look great! You're going to love having one of each!

  19. Cute bump! You look great : ). Xx

  20. wow i wish i were pregnant, cute. you could name him pepper :-)

    follow me.

  21. You still look fantastic!! Dr. Google is so smart and usually so helpful! I hope your appt went well!

  22. You look so cute! I thought the wine statement was hilarious and true:)

  23. You stopped by my blog ages ago...and I'm just returning the visit now (I'm SUPER behind on blog stuff). Dr Google is one of my 'best friends'... you look so beautiful pregnant!

  24. My daughter had a spot on her heart, too. She was born practically perfect in every way! Try not to stress too much...

  25. We have our big ultrasound this Friday and I am sooooo excited to find our if my peanut is a boy or a girl!!
    I am a newer follower to your blog and I can sense you're worried about this baby from what you've written, you mentioned dows syndrome/chromosome issues?? Do you mind sharing what is going on or directing me to the post where you talk about it? Up to this point I have not had any testing done and I have no reason to suspect otherwise but since I am 35 years old, I also worry about these things.....

  26. Yay for a growing baby!!!! Such good news.

  27. So glad to hear baby boy is growing :):)


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