All I want for Christmas is...


Sorry for the super fluffy post today, ladies.  Nothing special is going on.  I have just been busy living life.  Christmas is fast approaching and here is what I want this year.  

Yeah, I agree- pretty boring.  My list is short and simple this year.  I can blame that partly on feeling big and fat or planning for a new baby or .... Who knows.  

Have you made your Christmas list yet?  What do you want this year?
And now, its time for the Wednesday Walkabout LINKUP!

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  1. Cute boots! I definitely need a new pair this year!


    Oh and don't forget to stop by today and enter my amazing giveaway! There are some truly awesome prizes!!

  2. Those are so cute, especially with the boot socks!

  3. So cute!!! Love the first pair of boots.

  4. Hunter Boots and the Socks are on my list this year too! :)

  5. I am dying for some Hunter books! The socks are adorbs too!

  6. what cute boot socks! they are my favorite winter accessory this year!

    happy wednesday! xo, sarah grace

  7. It's not even noon here and we have 40 entries! Yay! Happy Wednesday!

  8. I've been following for a couple of weeks now, ever since I found out we are due within a week of each other!!

  9. I reaaaally like those matching socks for those boots! And thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

    Meg @

  10. Love the boots! Thanks for hosting the link and stopping by today :) I am your newest follower!! Have a blessed day!!

    Cat @ This Little Life of MIne

  11. I have a pair of Hunters and love them!!! Def keep an eye out on all the sample sites! They have them on there quite a bit, especially around the holidays ;)

  12. Those socks look SUPER COZY! I hope you get them.

  13. Thanks again for hosting the hop--this is a good one!

  14. Super cute! I definitely need more Christmas hints too! It's tough!

  15. I loooove those boots and the socks!

    I just want a Jo Totes bag.. pretty simple.

  16. Nah, not boring. It just means you know what you want and that's okay! :)

  17. I have boots like that and I LOVE them!!

  18. Those boots (in green) were my birthday gift this last year- and I just picked up those (exact) socks for our move to the East Coast! Fist pump. I hope Santa puts them under your tree :)

  19. This past Saturday, Nordtsrom Rack had them for $50! Total steal!


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