Sugar, food, and more sugar


Happy Wednesday!  This is where I am in my life right now.
I am a sugar addict.  Don't believe me?  Take a peek at the little pile I am working on while writing this post.
It's no coincidence that I blow up like Jessica Simpson when I am pregnant.  
This is on the menu tonight.
Source: via Cati on Pinterest

Oh and remember this chick pea basil soup that I said I was going to make a couple weeks ago?  This one?
Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I made it.  It was.... eeehhhhh.  I thought it was OK but B didn't love it.  Personally, I didn't like it as much as my standard homemade minestrone soup that I make every week.
And lastly, I am planning on trying these this weekend because I have no shame.

My thoughts about the election- I would have been both disappointed and relieved no matter which candidate won.  I will say that Maryland, Maine, and Washington made a good choice by legalizing gay marriage.  
All Love.
no hate
PS, where was this when I was in college?

Source: via Kaitlin on Pinterest

(bra fills up with a bottle of wine)
I was flat as a pancake and had to carry (gasp) my wine in a water bottle.  This would have been an amazing addition to my life.
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  1. haha the "lasagna" looks awesome!

  2. New follower here! I totally love your answer to the sweet cravings. Kit Kat Lasagna? Umm...yes please!

  3. ummm that candy lasagna is amazing!!!!


  4. I just got a major sugar high looking at that picture haha.

  5. Sugar has been my downfall during this pregnancy! I didn't have a sweet tooth AT ALL until I got knocked up. I actually made two cakes in one week... although, to my credit, I only ate one and a half of them...

  6. My sugar addiction is also no joke. I pretty much think I could skip real food and just munch from a bag of candy all day long.

  7. that thing with bananas in it looks AMAZING!

    that bra would come in handy at concerts. Serious.

  8. That lasagna looks freaking delicious! And I love your shirt :)

  9. Holy heck could this post get any more exciting?! Candy lasagna...I'm dying. Whoever though of that is pure genius and should have run for office. I also work on piles of candy - no shame. And that wine bra, oh hell I could still use one of those post college.

  10. I'm right there with you on the election. Some things I'm happy about and some things I'm disappointed. That bra is incredible! lol Happy Wednesday!

  11. That bra is so funny! I don't drink but I am a serious water addict. I would totally buy it.

  12. Thanks for hosting the hop :) I'm a complete sugar addict too and whatever those banana pancake things are look AMAZING! Let me know how those turn out because if they're good I'm going to have to make some too :D

  13. That bra is awesome! I don't drink wine, but that is such a great idea. My mom would have loved it. :)

    I crave sweets when I am pregnant. I try to contain it, but I give in most days.

  14. I am a Sweet Freak and I'm trying to fight the addiction! What type of soup is the 1st one?

  15. I love everything about this post! I am also a sugar addict and am seriously trying to work on it because it is a PROBLEM. Also, that wine bra is priceless!

  16. I'm a total sugar addict while pregnant, also!!! And that bra?!?! Genius!!!!

  17. if you make kit kat lasagna i better be invited for dinner

  18. Mm those banana crepes and that wine bra is hilarious :)

  19. Oh man...that was me last week. I was eating a Kit Kat in the middle of typing a comment on my friend Leslie's blog and realized mid type it was gone. Without thinking I wrote it into the comment that my freaking Kit Kat was gone and I was going to go cry in a corner!

    Haha...crepes look amazing!



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