A complaint and some joy


There is something about the holidays that just suck the energy right out of me. Or wait, maybe that's the pregnancy. Oh well, whichever one it is, the fact remains- I'm tired. And lazy. And feeling fat.

I've been working out 3 times a week throughout this pregnancy. I eat well, a lot, but healthfully for the most part. More than I normally do but still no fast food, fried things, or creamy sauces.

Why then am I gaining 2 pounds a week, steadily?

It is too much. It is more than recommended. If far more than I would prefer.

I know- I'm pregnant. I am growing a human inside of me. Take it easy, I'll lose the weight when the baby is born. I was small to begin with. The breastfeeding will take the weight right off... I'm aware but it doesn't make me feel better.

Now that I burdened you with my pity party, I'll share my joy with you too...

As I am driving this morning, feeling sorry for myself and my growing ass, one of my favorite things in the world happened. I am peacefully going down the street and the impatient jerk behind me gets annoyed that I'm not pretending to be a Nascar driver so he swerves around me and punches the gas, his car screaming past me as he gives me a nasty, someone needs a hug (or efficient lady of the night) look.

Here's the good part. A couple moments later, maybe a quarter miles own the road the light goes from green, to yellow, TO RED right in front of him. So now the jerk that sped past me while making a point to share some of his ugly heart by glaring at me while shaking his head is STUCK AT THE RED LIGHT WITH ME.

It's the little things ladies. Happy Tuesday.


  1. I love it when the people who speed around me end up at the same stop light! Makes my day a little better. haha

  2. Did you smile and wave at him.

  3. LOL! THat's got to be one of my favorite things in the whole world... I also like to slow alllllll the wayyy down while people are riding my bumper...then "clean" my windshield so their car gets wet, too! Hahaha! Always makes me feel better!

    I have never been pregnant, but as long as you are comfortable with what you are doing for your body, I wouldn't care about anything else! Hope you get to feeling better about it =)


  4. hahaha this made me smile a lot. I've never been pregnant but it is a worry of mine this thing of getting weight...I love to it way too much, specially in winter. I can't complain about my figure tho. But still...my bf loves to it a lot too. I can't imagine what the combination of us would make =)

    Bea =)

  5. You are so precious! I am so glad you share real things on your blog! I've never been pregnant but I hear that the weight gain is a big deal. Your baby is healthy - so maybe the 2 pound gain is just sayin' he is healthy! You'll drop it once he is born, plus you'll have 2 so you'll lose it fast!
    And haha to that jerk! I love when that happens. I always make comments like "thanks for making sure that intersection was safe for me". haha.

  6. We can all tell you that you look great and adorable, but it doesn't change how you feel about yourself. So yes, while you are adorable, I've been there, girl. Feeling like I was growing larger with each breath at times. You're doing great---eating healthy and exercising is way more than most preg mommas do. Keep it up.

    And about the driving incident. There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as what you described. I'd be the girl waving at him in his rear view mirror with a nice big grin on my face. I'm one of the nicest people you'd meet, but man I get some crazy road rage when people act a fool.

  7. I hate how people drive like that. My husband does sometimes...

  8. I have a friend who only gained 5 lbs during her entire pregnancy and they have had a lot of issues with the baby (acid reflux, colic, too much attachment to breast feeding that she won't take a bottle) to where the doctor put her on bedrest to see if she'd gain more and didn't. I haven't been pregnant but weight gain (And trying to get it off) is one of my concerns but at the end I'll have a bundle of joy to worry about instead!

  9. Those are the best moments when Karma comes back and punches someone in the face!
    Love it!!


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  10. hahaha i bet he dare didnt look at you after he got stopped by the red light! stupid ass!

  11. You are skinny though so your body needs the extra weight!

    Don't stress it'll even out and since you are working out it'll be that much easier for it to come off on the flip side :)

  12. The only thing that could have made this better is if he got pulled over by a cop.

    You were super tiny before you got pregnant, your body is just doing what it needs to do to grow that little boy of yours. I can say this because I too feel like I am gaining too much weight, and I hate it, but kep reminding myself that I can get it back off in a few months (years).

  13. You bum is so sweet!

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  14. Hahaha!!!! That is soooo funny! Serves him right!

    As to the weight gain I wouldn't worry about it. I had those issues with my second and it seemed to me that you show quicker, the baby is bigger and you gain weight quicker with the second one. It's like your body knows what to do so it just does it.

  15. I love this. At least you're gaining weight and prego. Ever since our cross country move to New England, I have not gotten on a work out schedule yet, and have just gained weight period. BLAH!

  16. Girl, I'm right there with you. I gained 2.5 lbs. last week...I about put myself on a diet right there (kidding). But nothing anyone can make us feel better...what happened to the pretty one pound a week thing??

  17. Lol I love when jerks like that get stuck at red lights. I just want to look aver at them and wave :)

  18. I love it when stuff like that happens to jerks...I always laugh and smile at them.

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  20. You are so cute! I, too, find great joy in seeing speeders get slowed down by the same light they wrecklessly drove to avoid. Silly people.

  21. Haha about that driver. Love when that happens!

    And at least you have pregnancy as an excuse for gaining weight. I have none! I just LOVE holiday foods.

  22. ha.ha.ha. I love this. what a tard.also the holidays drain me too. I get christmas fever for a week and then I'm spent. its so much damn work!

  23. I love when that happens, some drivers are so impatient.

    You're beautiful!! Two pounds schmoo pounds

  24. I like to do a big thumbs up to people when they do that. For some reason it gets more of a rise out of people than the middle finger!

  25. Lol... Love it! It's the little things.

    Hang in there on the weight gain. I know the feeling. My OB told me when I was pregnant that your body gains the weight it needs.

  26. I was hoping you would say he got pulled over for speeding like crazy! It certainly is the little things...

    I couldn't keep anything down for the first 6 months of my pregnancy, then after that I could only keep down a few things. And I still gained 60 pounds. Not sure how that happened since I was primarily surviving on strawberries, but it was miserable. And breast feeding did nothing to take the weight off. I still have about 15 pounds to go and my daughter is 6 months old. So I understand how you feel!

  27. Haha got to be glad for traffic light karma!

  28. I always love seeing the idiots speed past me only to catch up to them at a light or in traffic. Life's way to short to rush through things!


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