Passing down stories FAIL


After 36 hours of violent vomiting and feeling like death followed by a long afternoon in the hospital hooked up to an IV receiving fluids, Eva and I are feeling much better.  We both slept through the entire night, woke up this morning and enjoyed a warm latte for me and "coffee" (hot cocoa) for Eva.  We listened to "Yo, yo, yo" music and hung ornaments on the tree.  I came across a photo ornament that was missing a picture so I pulled out old photo albums to find a picture to fill it.

As Eva and I flipped through photos beginning when she entered this world through present day, I got lost in old memories.  There were pictures of our days living in Hawaii,
Her first birthday

Our short life living in Florida
and MANY pictures from her birth and first weeks
The pictures that enveloped me most were the pictures with my Mom.  She was so happy with my baby.  Every photo that captured her around my baby shows a beaming Grandma; her eyes glowing with joy and pride.  
I started sharing stories with Eva, pointing out pictures and explaining what was happening in all of those special moments.  I was trying and failing miserably to hold in my tears as I shared.  I stopped talking in the middle of sharing a memory and through the tears that were pouring down my face, in a weak, shaky voice, asked Eva, "What do you think about that?".  

She looks up at me with her big, sweet brown eyes and says, "Grandma punched the robot like boom in the face!  Huh, Mom!  But she didn't have to go in time out.  Right, Mom?".

Umm, yeah, that was the point I was trying to get across, sweet heart.  Exactly that.

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  1. awwww! I love hearing how little ones re-tell our stories. :) Glad you are feeling better!

  2. How sweet. Love looking through old albums and sharing stories.


  3. Your mother was a beautiful woman and Eva is blessed to have those photos to treasure forever. What a sweet moment :)

  4. So fun ~ it's always great when they pick up the parts of the story that really wasn't the point.
    It's nice having all those pictures too so we can go through them with our girls when they are older and give them fun stories.


  5. Okay, first of all:
    You're gorgeous. It's amazing that you can look that great after labor!
    Second of all:
    She was/is the cutest baby ever!

  6. Oh, and finally:
    I'm glad y'all are feeling better!

  7. How sweet! I love the pictures of your Mom with can see the joy. :)

  8. Really sweet. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  9. glad you guys are feeling better!!!

    Love all the pictures!

  10. So glad you're feeling better.

    Your mom was beautiful

  11. Aww so cute! Eva is such an awesome little girl :)

  12. just stumbled on your blog :) your little girl is so sweet!! how precious!!

  13. Such a wonderful pictures! I love the pink outfit! :)

  14. At least she remembers your mom as being one tough lady ;) Old pictures are always a joy to find!

  15. The Love you have for your Mom shows through like crazy on your blog. She will know Jamie, Eva will know....

  16. aww man that's hilarious. Hugs to you. I know this season is hard.


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