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The Art of Shaving is the world's leading premium shave brand.  It’s line of shaving products and accessories is botanical based and derived from the “Four Elements of the Perfect Shave”- prepare, lather up, shave, and moisturize.  The Art of Shaving products are recognized as the best selling men’s brand at high- end department stores and salons across the country. 

For B's 30th birthday in October, I purchased him the Art of Shaving set with the badger hair brush.  He said it is absolutely worth the extra money.  It is a splurge but shaving products are used by most of us every, single day.  Is it really a splurge if you use it every day and it helps protect your most sensitive skin?  The set that I purchased for his birthday was the lemon scent.  It is fresh but not overpowering.
He was already using a brush with a shave soap in a bowl prior to me purchasing this set.  The Art of Shaving badger hair brush that came with the set was higher quality than the one that he was previously using. 

If you are looking to get something special for the man in your life this Christmas, check out The Art of Shaving products here.  The products are a great holiday present for the man hard to shop for man in your life.  You will not be disappointed with the quality. 

This is the one I bought B for his birthday.  I paid full price at the salon but if you use this code "15offFSK", you can receive $15 off and free shipping (valid until 12/30). 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from P&G through BlogHer but I really did purchase the products on my own, months ago for B and can honestly speak to their high quality.  


  1. My husband loves their products, and was a little sad that moving meant leaving behind this store. He is going to be super surprised when he gets his Birthday present. Thanks for the coupon code. Makes the process a little less painful!

  2. This is a great idea! My husband loves shaving accessories - I've already bought his Christmas gift but his birthday is in January so I will pick one of these up!

  3. My husband wants to get laser hair removal on his face so he doesn't have to shave anymore..
    ~ And men think they have it bad!


  4. Good that you shared this art. I liked your blog


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