Wednesday Walkabout


It's Wednesday again which means that it is time for the Walkabout.  Sorry for the crappy post.  I'm sick. Eva and I were up all night violently throwing up.  I am trying to rehydrate to stop the cramping to avoid ending up in the hospital.  Yuck.  Hope you're Wednesday is going better than mine!

Just for fun... this is what happens when a two year old grabs the iPhone to take pictures.

What is a Walkabout?
It's a blog link-up party, every week here and with our co-hosts! Simply put your blog address or a specific post in the linky, visit some other people, and make some friends. Easy as that! I can't wait to talk to everyone!

Something new!  One "Mystery Host" and will have their link as #5 in the linky, as well as be featured in Rule #1.  Follow all 4 hosts on GFC or Bloglovin' and then keep an eye out next week to see if you're the lucky Mystery Host!

PS: You only have to link up with one of the co-hosts, it will link to all four sites!

The Rules
1. Place your link in the linky below and make some new friends. Simple as that.

MYSTERY HOST: Manda from Manda Loves
Jane - Taingamala
Sarah - G.I. Joe's Wife

If you're a new follower of Handling With Grace, let me know so I can visit you back!

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  1. Feel better!! I love Eva's pics.

  2. these pics are cute :)

    i hope you both feel better

  3. Pictures by a two year old are always awesome. My phone is filled with them, lol. I hope you and Eva feel better soon!

  4. Happy Walkabout! Feel better soon!

  5. LOVING the pics so so so cute!! and thanks for the blog hop!! :-)

  6. Hope you feel better. Love the pic of the bump!


  7. Hope you feel better and I love the pictures too cute. :)

  8. So sorry you're sick!

  9. Ugh, I feel your pain. That evil bug hit me last night. Haven't moved from my bed all day. Hope you guys are doing better.


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