Currently I am


Currently I am...
I am watching: Last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta
I am eating: Coffee and fruit snacks.
I am wearing: Snowflake fleece pj's.  Baby it's cold outside.
I am thinking about: My upcoming California trip.  I am so excited to share my sweet boy with our family.  He is so dang cute.  
I am listening to: Eva playing with Nate.  She is trying to show him how to play basketball.  He is a giggling machine.
I am dreaming about: Warm weather.  It is so cold here in Maryland. I am also dreaming about a electric bill fairy flying in and paying the $375 bill that's sitting on the counter.

Sorry for the lazy post.  Happy Monday!  Let's get this week started!

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  1. Such great pictures :)!

    It is so stinking cold here, brrrrrrrrr

  2. They're so cute! :)

    I bet you're so excited to get back to SoCal and warmer temps. :D

  3. Whewwww a $375 electric bill? YIKES I would die! So exciting about a trip to Cali- gotta be better weather waiting for you out there!

  4. Kinda wishing I was in my PJ's too. Hope you get some warmer temps! Why can't all bills be paid with imaginary money?!

  5. Hope you guys have a great trip! I would love to be traveling to warmer weather! Your kids are too cute! :)

  6. Yikes!!! $375? Ours was $250 and hubby said "those Christmas lights are being turned off NOW!"

    I bet CA is the place to be during the winter months. Have fun with your family! I am sure they'll love spending time with you all!

  7. Ooo California?! I'd be excited too! That should be a nice break from the weather!

  8. I would so love some warm weather too.

  9. I need some warmer weather too. I know I live in Minnesota, but this -22 with a windchill of -43 is insane. Hope you stay warm!

  10. Fruit snacks and coffee....nice! I had coffee and animal crackers for lunch today. And yes...cold weather sucks....this Texas girl doesn't handle it well.

  11. $375?! That is crazy! Even with all of the issues we've had down here, I'm glad that I haven't had to deal with any temperatures below 60. Nate has gotten so big! It's so much fun to watch them interact.

  12. Wow! $375 is a lot! We just got ours today, and it was only $49! But, you also probably have a lot bigger house! ;) Hope you have a great time in CA!

  13. $375?! Yikes girl! That would hurt so bad haha

  14. holy cow that electric bill is crazy, but i hate to see what ours is with the -20* temps we have been having lately..

  15. omg i so wish i were in my robe right now! my office is freezing :(

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