Father's Day for the tinkerer


You know that house that has all the "stuff"?  They have all of the toys and gadgets and all of the kids want to be at that house?  That's who we are.

We spent Father's Day outside celebrating our family by spending the time together and enjoying each other's company.
We BBQ'd, swam, played in the sprinklers, raced around on the go-kart, bounced on the trampoline, kicked balls around the yard, and took trips around the block on scooters and bikes.  Because my husband is never satisfied and loves toys, we bought him a new, faster motor for the go-kart for Father's Day and a new miter saw.
Whenever I start to get annoyed at my husband's insistence on new toys, I have to remind myself that this is how he bonds with our kids and where he finds joy outside of the daily grind of work.  While I might not "get it", I don't have to.  He is a tinkerer.  He enjoys it.  Our kids benefit greatly from his tinkering around the house and on their toys, so if that means that I have to buy a new, faster motor for his new go-kart (a new motor after only like a month of owning it?!?) and a new saw (why does any person need so many different kinds of saws?!?), to keep him happy and busy in the garage, I am in.  That's how you make for a Happy Father's Day for a tinkerer.

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  1. Haha, tinkerer. That's so fun though. While I'm not a person who needs toys, it's nice to play with them once in a while. Glad you enjoyed your day!

  2. You are so cute and I think it's awesome your husband tinkers with the kids. Such memories when they grow up. Glad you had a great, warm and dry weekend.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful weekend! My husband is the same way. We have a garage full of his stuff for tinkering. I don't understand the thing about the saw either. We got him the same saw for Christmas last year, but I thought he already had a saw, but apparently it is different yet, so who knows :) Have a lovely week!

  4. What a great weekend! The kids will definitely have great memories from growing up.

  5. :) Definitely a great weekend you all had!

  6. I never knew there were so many different kinds of saws either until I married my husband! It looks like y'all had a great day!

  7. Fun weekend!

    At least you have ideas on what to get your husband. I never know what to get mine. He's always like, "I can't think of anything I want."

  8. I have to remind myself of this too! Will has tons of toys, but at least he'd rather be home with me and his toys then out with the boys or without an outlet for stress! Happy Father's Day!

  9. Wish I had a tinkerer around to do things for me. I have to pay people!

  10. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!


  11. i don't get the tinker thing either, but ppl don't get me hanging around my makeup stuff either. ;)
    fyi the commenter above you copies and pastes that comment on blogs. she did the same to me!

  12. Sounds like an awesome weekend! My husband is a tinkerer too. I don't totally understand it, but it makes him happy, so I go with it and feed the habit when I can :)


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